Dear Hip-Hop - DJ 1Mic's New Mission Statement

DJ 1Mic announces his return to the mixtape, and declares a new day for the fans of BARS and Real Hip Hop.

So... I'm bringing the mixtape back... Why? Cause its what made me, I can't quit the addiction and quite frankly, "Real Hip Hop" and the mixtape are married at the hip, the way good guitar players and accoustic settings, or jazz musicians and small intimate settings, compliment each other. I feel there's a void in real hip hop, because one of the chief complaints of 'Real Hip Hop Fans' is the lack of access to new music, or a virtual misunderstanding of how to find their favorite artists and their new music. The number of fans of bars and lyrics who didn't know half the amazing projects that were available last year saddens me. I know die hard Wu Tang fans who aren't up on soundcloud and blogs and had no idea Ghostface or Method Man dropped albums last year. There is no DJ Clue mixtapes, Source Magazine or Rap City The Basement to watch after school to tell the real heads what to check for. There is a giant promotional gap in my opinion, where the fans who aren't on twitter or internet forums completely miss out on so much great music. I can't stand by and let it happen. I'm too good at this, to just walk away, I don't care if I make a dime, my bills are straight. I'm here to push the culture and help make sure every single record with BARS on it, gets the love it deserves at least one place. Salute to DJ EFN, N.O.R.E and The Drink Champs, your passion to push the culture insprired me to want to do this for the culture. I've been here since 2005, since Stack Bundles was a star on the rise, since Meek Mill was just a kid rapping over every beat, when Drake was just trying to get replacement girl with trey songz to hit, when D-Block OWNED the mixtape game, I was there. Not only am I not a "culture vulture", I've been on the front line killing those birds for almost 15 years now.

I also see a chance to embrace some new concepts things my forefathers would have dreamed to get a chance to experiment with. With most fans unable to find a lot of the newer material from their favorite artists, the need to desperately hunt down emcees for exclusives, and then WAIT FOR THEM is unnessacary. Just from the connects I've built over the years, and of course Boxden's hallowed halls, I have enough material to drop whenever I feel and I don't care if it was released last week or a year ago if I'm feeling it and it fits right in the playlist I'm going play it, I'm not conforming to this 'expiration dates on songs'.  Another benefit of the current situation, I won't have to wait to press physical copies, or for a graphic designer or the printing house, or shipping, or for my fully packaged product to arrive as time would pass. I can create and release on the same day. I'm not controlled by 60 or 80 minutes or even 160 minutes if I got music I'm gonna keep spinning. If the artists can embrace the streaming game, why the hell can't a mixtape dj like myself? If I'm gonna do mixtapes I'm gonna do em my way. The right way. The way Green Lantern and Doo Wop and Tony Touch and Dirty Harry and DJ Clue and Big Mike and Cutmaster C and Silver Surfer and Whoo Kid and my mentors DJ Mixx and DJ ReadyCee and my God, especially Stretch Armstrong!!!!!!!!!!! All they did to pave this road, I can not just walk off and let their blood sweat and tears go by the way side. If you love good hip hop, you should be really excited, cause I'm the last dope boy mix master left, and I still got a few prime time years in me.

Real Hip Hop and BARS, BARS BARS is all IGAF about, LETS GO!!!​​​